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Zhanjiang Wukang Trade Co., Ltd.úČLocated in the Chikan District of Zhanjiang City, is in the global pharmaceutical market demand as the guidance, a set of innovative drug research and development, industrialization and marketization operating as one of the pharmaceutical enterprises. Company to improve the whole human life quality and health level as any, science and technology and the advanced means of application of world leading, innovative drug products is committed to launch effective, market optimal. Company pragmatic practice in the new era of the pharmaceutical enterprise management theory, medicine economic theory and innovative thinking, and strive to make the majority of ordinary people can enjoy brought advanced science and high-tech civilization, enterprises will be built into the system of pharmaceutical economy in the world of innovative pharmaceutical economic entity.

The company has continued to create the modern comprehensive ability of innovation of new drugs and strength, and will gradually build into a new drug development and sustained driving force for the development of R & D, production and marketing as one of the new medicine economic entity. Adhere to the credibility first, quality first, to the professional service level and technical ability for customers to provide one-stop procurement channels, personalized solution. We are willing to work with you hand in hand, the common struggle for promoting the development of medical chemistry.